What we do on a daily basis is provide a mission critical service for women and men operating in the companionship industry. Just ask any of the escorts London based how difficult it is to find good quality property to let in the city with a landlord who will allow them to conduct business from the premises. Most landlords will not allow escorts to operate from the property this is a fact and that’s where we step in.

With a database of over 500 professional landlords who accept escorts as tenants in their London properties we are in the perfect position to fulfil the housing requirements of all of the working girls and guys who walks through our office door.

Accepting properties in any condition is not what we do, neither will accept rouge landlords. Each house or flat listed on our website has been meticulously inspected by our team of experienced letting agents and landlords documentation is vigorously checked with all the relevant agencies to ensure that our tenants receive maximum protection under the current tenancy agreement laws.

Our quality control standards are strict we only interested in providing escorts London property that is of the highest standard. Every property offer for letting has met all of the safety criteria listed below:

1. Gas Safety Certificate
2. Electrical Safety Certificate
3. Fire Safety Measures
a) Access to escape routes at all times
b) Fire safe furniture & furnishings
c) Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
d) A smoke alarm must be on all floor
e) Carbon monoxide detectors must be in any room with fuel-burning devices

As a letting agent we represent both the landlord and the tenant it is our number one priority to make sure that each party is always completely satisfied with the arrangement.
We like working with escorts why; because not only are they great people to deal with but they always pay their rent on time; and that is one of main reasons why our landlord love renting out there properties to escorts. London property letting does not need to be problematic for companions if they come to us!