Monthly Archive 7th September 2017

London Swingers and Escorts

Grace Smith shook her copper tresses a wide smile on her face as she tied a towel around her waist. Soaked hair slapped heavily against her back and she patted it dry as she entered the sliding glass doors in the luxury London apartment. She walked to the wide counter separating the living space from the spacious kitchen. When she’d received the call for this job, she had been skeptical. However, so far, it was exceeding expectations in all ways.

The aroma of bacon and eggs, and kippers floated in the air. She hurried toward it, stomach rumbling after the work out – both in the pool and in the bedroom – that she had been through. She caught sight of her host Vincent Peale, hard at work in the kitchen…

Leaning her elbows on the counter, she watched him turn the bacon on a skillet.

“As promised,” he said with a smile, “We have every delight here.”

They both smiled as she reached for the wooden bowl of out-of-season oranges. Looking back at him, she found Vincent’s gaze still riveted.

“Hey, you should go wake the wife up; but don’t take too long.” He said voice low, eyes hot.

Grace leaned further across the counter and caught Vincent’s lips in a quick kiss delighting in the warmth of his look.

She giggled, hurrying towards the bedroom.

The window faced east and with one tug of the curtains, Grace brought the morning light flooding in. It bathed the king-sized bed in light along with its remaining occupant.

“Aaliyah,” Grace softly called as she approached the lump lying prone on the bed. She sat down, next to Aaliyah, pulling down the sheet so she could look at her lush curves.

This job was the most fun she’d had as a London escort in ages.

“Morning.” Aaliyah voice was barely audible. Grace delighted in the sight before her, skimming her open palm over Aaliyah satiny skin. She had trouble understanding how Vincent would be willing to share all this lusciousness.

“Morning Sunshine,” Grace replied, her fingers seeking the warmth between Aaliyah legs thinking to make this return to consciousness as pleasant as possible.

She eased her body down against Aaliyah and claimed her lips in a slowly deepening kiss. Aaliyah laughed delightedly when Grace let her lips go; nipping at her jaw.

“You’re learning all his tricks luv.”

“I’m learning what you like,” Grace replied, happy to have made her favorite client happy.

As jobs went, this one wasn’t so bad.