Essential Equipment for Escorts Working Out at Home

Essential Equipment for Escorts Working Out at Home

If you lived through the 1980’s then you will know all too well how the invention of the multi-gym set the middle-classes alight with the need to turn their spare bedrooms into home gyms. Cumbersome, expensive, it cannot be implemented you’re one of many London escort tenant letting your property and often working in single dimensions the multi-gym offers very little reward for the investment so, with less outlay and taking up far less room, this is our guide to the essential pieces of equipment you need to get an effective workout in your own home.

Set of Resistance Bands

Made of rubber resistance bands come in a variety of tensile strengths and offer a dynamic way to use the body’s own weight to jazz up your strength training. Some bands come with handles whilst others are more basic. Not only are they inexpensive but they are very small and can be stored away or taken on the move very easily making it an ideal piece of equipment for tenants renting in London. They are versatile and can be added to familiar exercises like bicep curls or leg lifts to provide an extra dimension to your training. A set of just two tensions can give you plenty of options such as doubling up or using singly.

Set of Weights: Kettlebells

There are few exercises that wouldn’t gain extra benefit from adding weights to them including basic crunches, squats and lunges. Investing in a set of three differently weighted kettlebells will give you a far greater range of motion than traditional dumbbells and, because the weight is unevenly distributed, provide a more effective workout for your core whatever exercise you are performing but, beware if you are letting a property first check your lease agreement with regard to using weight which could damage the floor.

Swiss Ball

As an alternative to a bench, using a Swiss ball to perform exercises such as crunches, bench presses, flys and push ups will not only activate your core muscles in addition to those you are targeting but is a lot more comfortable too. Definitely a favourite with escorts who need a strong core.

Skipping Rope

A great way to warm up and to get some cardio is the humble skipping rope. Again, an inexpensive piece of equipment that stores easily in the smallest London rental apartment but one that gives a lot of reward.


Not only does music distract you from the exercise but it can be a powerful way to boost your performance and get more from your workout. You don’t have to invest in an expensive stereo but just make sure that you have a system that belts out some high bpm’s to accompany your exercise. Speakers are better than earphones as the wires can get caught in your clothing or equipment.

Luxuries you could do without

Investing in a good exercise mat will make floor routines more comfortable and protect carpets from your sweaty clothes but you could substitute a thick towel to do the same job.

A step block will give you options to perform basic calf raises as well as step-orientated routines but you may already have something around the home you can use to do the job. Just make sure that it is stable to support your weight and that it won’t slip during exercise.

If you can afford one, a balance trainer is a great piece of equipment to add to your home gym and supplements the work you can do with a Swiss ball but with added benefits.

Maggie Peters